Bodegas LAN


Today we are going to talk about a process that all the wines produced in Bodegas LAN go through after spending time in barrels: bottle ageing.

Once bottled, wine undergoes a natural evolution with important changes influenced by the reductive environment that it finds itself in. Wine improves during this stage and becomes more complex and elegant.

The most rapid changes occur during the first year. The polyphenolic composition of the wine is influenced by the quality of the grapes and by the winemaking methods used; the subsequent evolution in the bottle depends fundamentally on these factors.

To be consumed in the best condition, our wines must spend – as a matter of obligation- some time in silence, in semi-darkness, resting at a stable temperature in the cellar, under the supervision of our team of oenologists who monitor the quality rigorously, through tastings and analysis until they determine the perfect moment for the wine to be released to market.

It is a time for patience, waiting for the wine to evolve and develop new and improved flavours. During these months of waiting the flavour components become integrated, responsible for rounding the wine on the palate and increasing the complexity of aromas on the nose.
Before its release to market, our LAN Crianza spends around 9 months ageing and, depending on the characteristics of the grape, the vineyard, the variety and the time spent in barrels, it can spend as long as 36 months resting in the cellars, as in the case of LAN Gran Reserva.  This time will depend on our winemaking team, who will decide upon the right length of maturation for each wine.

Once released to market, the wines can continue to develop for up to 5 years in the case of LAN Crianza or 20 years for Culmen. This phase will depend additionally on internal factors of the wine and the external storage conditions of each bottle.
All of our wines are at the perfect stage of development to be enjoyed as soon as they are sold, as we print on the back label of LAN Reserva: “Don’t save this bottle for a better occasion that never arrives.”

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