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Throughout our more than 45 years of history, we have been faithful to our basic principle: “that winemaking starts with vine growing.” This pioneering vision of the care for the raw material and the importance of the origin has formed part of LAN’s DNA to the present day.

Respect for the vineyard ecosystem has been and continues to be, the top priority in our value stream and a constant guide for the work of our field team and the technicians in the winery.

These efforts culminated in 2012 with the planting of a five-hectare parcel of Organic Tempranillo in our Viña Lanciano estate, the Ecological Mantible, named as such due to its proximity to the Mantible Roman Bridge.

The extreme care that we have taken with this parcel has been translated into decisions such as the selection of the site itself, the preparation of the earth, fertilization, selection of the rootstock and variety, selection of the Tempranillo planting material, the orientation of the vines, the parcel terrain, the training of the vines on wires to distance the bunches from the ground, soil management and the management of pests and diseases.

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We have favoured the natural development of the plants, enhancing the plants’ own immunity and creating a light and airy microclimate for the bunches, avoiding any excess vegetation that could lead to vine diseases.

As such, in LAN we have been able to minimize human intervention, always in the aim of favouring the natural balance, as for example using gentle pruning techniques, keeping the soil alive to favour the slow mineralization of organic material, etc.

LAN XTRÈME expresses itself through ripe fruit flavours full of potency and character, with the use of ageing in French oak barrels adding complexity. It is surprising that a vineyard as young as the Ecological Mantible can give rise to a wine with such a marked character, with excellent structure and complexity.


Bodegas LAN’s ecological conscience has been at the heart of our project since its inception, in the understanding that we are all dependent on nature and responsible for its conservation, a philosophy that has led us to take extreme care in looking after our raw material and its natural environment.

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